15 Apps for iPhone That You Need to Have

Abigail Bouwma March 20th 2015 Tech
New apps are rolling out every day. These apps help you do things faster, better and stronger - and some just entertain you when you need to kill some time. Here are a few for the Apple iPhone that you need to know about. #15 is totally awesome!

1. PayPal

Use it to pay on your favorite websites and keep track of your PayPal account, having it on hand with you wherever you go is a must.

2. SignEasy

An app that lets you easily fill and sign documents right from your phone, it's a must-have for anyone that needs to sign documents quickly and easily.

3. Kickstarter

Get people to fund your film, music, art, theater, games, comics, design, photography, and more projects using this app. The increasing popularity of Kickstarter campaigns means this app must have a spot on your phone, whether it be for a campaign of your own or for paying into someone else's.

4. Amazon

Whether it be a quick purchase of that USB cable you thought you had, or a birthday present for your significant other, having Amazon at your fingertips is incredibly helpful.

5. The Weather Channel

Everyone needs to know the weather, and that pre-installed Apple app might not be cutting it. Install this one, and you can get up to the minute weather wherever you are.

6. Dropbox

The easy file-sharing application has now come to iPhone, and with the app, it is easier than ever to access your files in dropbox and put more out there.

7. Google Translate

Now equipped with an instant sign translator, the Google Translate app allows users to translate hundreds of languages at the tips of their fingers.

8. Target Cartwheel

You get your own barcode and load coupons onto it. This is perfect for college students, busy moms, or general Target addicts looking to save a bit.

9. Zig Zag

This game is so addicting. From the same people who created 2048, this game will keep you playing in the same fashion Flappy Bird did...sheer frustration.

10. Shazam

Ever wondered what that song was that just played? Now you can open this app, record a bit of the song, and the app will identify which song was playing!

11. RetailMeNot

Another coupon app, this will help you save money in a variety of places with just a simple search for the store name.

12. Pandora Radio

If you're not one to store music on your phone, Pandora is a great option for those who want to listen to music that's familiar, but also discover something new.

13. Waterlogged

It tracks your water and when you reach a goal, you get a reward--anything from a music download to a coupon!

14. CircleOf6

This app allows you to input six contacts that you would trust in case of emergency, and then allows you to send preprogrammed messages to them if you are in danger or need a way out of a situation.

15. SkyGuide

This app allows you to study the sky you see as well as space right from your phone, and even helps identify the constellations you could be looking at.


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