Runway Model Masha Tyelna Changed The Definition of Beauty With Her Unique Eyes

Jay Dawson May 10th 2017 Entertainment
Planet Earth has produced one of its most exotic – and most incredible – specimens so far. Meet Masha Tyelna, the supermodel and global phenomenon with the face and eyes that seem to have come from another planet. But that’s not all she’s got: here’s the photoshoot where you get to see everything else, too…

The Alien-Eyed Model

It’s the eyes that jump out at you whenever you see that beautiful face, and it’s the eyes (and her stunning body) that has made her one of the hottest supermodels in the world. Huge and almond shaped, they’re eyes that many have got lost in, and that big brands are throwing their cash at. In a world full of vacuously pretty clones, Masha stands out.

A Feature On The Catwalks

From the moment she was discovered, Masha Tyelna has become a worldwide sensation. Her unique look and catwalk skills have seen her strutting her stuff in Paris, New York, and Singapore, and slaying it every time. She’s the one model that keeps the fashionistas always coming back for more.

Working With Legendary Brands

We’re talking Givenchi, Yves Saint Laurent, and Mui Miu. We’re talking Nina Ricci and Dries van Noten. We’re talking Christian Dior, Rick Owens, Ann Sofie Back, and A.F. Vandevorst. She’s not modeling for your local Target catalogue – she’s a bona fide star, as loved and cherished as Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss.

Her Hometown

So where does this exotic creature come from? From the most unlikely of places, actually: a city called Kharkov in north-eastern Ukraine. Sure, there’s plenty of gorgeous ladies coming out of Eastern Europe, but rarely do they make it as big as Masha, and rarely do they come from such humble beginnings.

A Shock Discovery

The world might have never heard of Masha Tyelna if it wasn’t for a chance encounter while she was out with her mother. She was discovered, by accident, 2007 at the age of 16. All she was doing was some grocery shopping in the local market when an agent spotted her and begged her to join a local agency. She said yes, and the rest is history.

She’s A Gentle Soul

At 5’11” and with eyes that seem to pierce right into your heart, Masha can seem a little imposing. As a matter of fact, though, she’s a lovely, innocent, gentle person. She’s kept away from the excesses normally associated with supermodels, and spends most of her spare time with her family, living the simple life. She’s simply wonderful.

Keeping In Shape

Most supermodels do it with dieting and cocaine, but Masha is too much of a sweetheart – and she loves her home food too much – to keep in shape that way. Instead, she supplements her rigorous travel with plenty of exercise. Swimming is her favorite, although no doubt most of the pool would stop in their tracks when she steps into the water.

Shooting In All Conditions

From 2008 to 2012, Masha was flown all over the world to shoot and strut. Her lifestyle was hectic, and she had to undergo some grueling shoots. Like shooting in the jungles of Brazil, the deserts of Africa, and posing with a short dress in below-zero temperatures in Korea. You can’t say it’s an easy life.

Visa Problems

Early in the 2010s, Masha began to face some problems she hadn’t anticipated, or encountered up until then. All of a sudden, she found it very difficult to obtain the required visas for her to work in France and the USA, and as a result had to temporarily retire from the public eye. That’s what happens when you start to get strict on immigration: we miss out on all the beautiful people.

Now, She’s The Teacher

Thankfully, her time back at home gave her the chance to take a deep breath and embark on the next phase in her life. She’s always wanted to pass on her wisdom, skills, and experience, and now with her own modeling school in Ukraine she can. She’s their best teacher – where do we sign up?


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