This Dating App Makes It Easy to Find (or Dodge) Trump Lovers

Jay Dawson March 24th 2017 Entertainment
Relationships are tough. Finding a date in the first place, even harder. For all the apps, websites, dating services, and alcohol out there, meeting the person that’s just right for you is still a minefield of disappointment and rejection. Maybe it’ll never be easy, but one company is at least making the first steps a breeze – by getting all that political stuff out of the way first.

Picture This

You meet the girl for the first time, have a lovely lobster dinner, have a couple of cosmopolitans at the bar, and head home to watch The Bachelor. Just as your hand is hovering over her thigh, she says, “I voted for Trump.” Your hand freezes. The night is over.

The Problems With Dating

Since the dawn of time, first dates and courtship has always had the same problem: we really don’t know jack about the person who’s sitting beside us at the cinema. It’s not until months, sometimes years down the line, that all the hidden facets of their personality really come out.

How This App Is Changing Everything

Most of the time, dating sites ask the same set of questions. Do you smoke? Drink? Enjoy long walks on the beach? Which are nice, yes, but don’t give us a full picture of a person. OkCupid has now taken the extra step, and is asking for everything. Including the single question: “Trump?”


OkCupid is an old player in the scene, having been around for 13 years. They know what daters need, and they’re now one of the top matchmaking sites in the world. With over four million users, and a patented match technology, the only rivals they’ve got now are the major apps, like Tinder and Happn.

How Does It Work?

Simple. It’s just like filling out a questionnaire, or doing a math exam, except the stakes are much higher. The program behind it all will take the new questions into consideration when it calculates matches, and potential partners will be able to see exactly what you’re like before they commit.

What Else Can I Filter?

It’s not just Trump fans (or Trump haters) you can weed out. OkCupid’s new set of questions ranges from subjects such as climate change to ghosting – the real nitty gritty of the 21st century. No matter what your preference is, you’ll find that perfect someone in no time.

Just Like Tinder

That’s not the only thing that OKCupid’s done to move into the modern age. There’s a new app of theirs out, and it works just like Tinder. You can flick through all your possible matches and see everything – short bio, interests, dick pics – in one glance. This is the future: ordering your partner like it’s McDonalds.

The Results Are Surprising

Since the launch of the new features, the results have been incredible. Mutual matches on the app have tripled, and (we assume) that people are no longer turning up to dates to find their love interest in a Klan outfit. It’s too early to tell whether these things will last, though.

Let’s Not Forget

There is one important thing that we have to remember. Judging people purely on their politics is always a bad idea. Sure, sometimes politicians aren’t the best people in the world, but the people who vote for them, or support them, don’t always represent their point of view. We’re all individual snowflakes!

Signing Up

But hell, if you’re single and hating it, there’s no reason not to sign up. OkCupid is free, easy-to-use, and we’re already starting to sound like a cheap advertisement. Really, though, life’s too short to waste it in an empty bed.


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