25 Horrifying Unsolved Murder Mysteries Guaranteed To Give You The Chills

Jay Dawson December 20th 2016 Entertainment
The rapid improvement of crime-fighting technology (and the beautiful lies of CSI) make us believe that the killer can always be found. Yet every day there’s a new crime that goes unsolved, and more heinous perpetrators that never get caught. Whether its lack of evidence, lack of resources, or just plain bad police work, some of the most horrible murder mysteries are still exactly that: mysteries. if there was ever a list that could make you lock your doors at night, this is it. These killers are still on the loose. #22 will absolutely STUN you!

1. Blair Adams

The truly bizarre death of Canadian Blair Adams wasn’t unsolved for lack of clues. Adams’s body was found stripped and surrounded by currency from several countries, after he had bought a ticket to Germany, canceled it, got denied entry into the US, withdrew all his money, was let in, flew from Seattle to Washington and somehow ended up with the wrong car keys in a motel in Kentucky. Maybe the police didn’t know where to start, since they never found out what had really happened.

2. Jamie Santos

Strippers seem to cop the worst of it, and this still-unsolved case is no exception. Santos was found suffocated in her home after a mysterious 911 call led police to her body. Rumors and speculation were rampant, especially since Jamie had canceled all appointments the day before, but the caller was never traced and the killer never found.

3. Rachael Runyan

Any child murder is horrific, but it becomes doubly so when the killer is never brought to justice. Such was the case with Rachael Runyan, a three-year-old who vanished from the front yard of her house and was found dead three weeks later. The only clue came in the form of a mysterious satanic message, discovered years down the line in a bathroom. It still didn’t help the detectives.

4. Leticia Hernandez

Also abducted from her front yard (there’s a lesson in here somewhere), seven-year-old Leticia Hernandez’s body wasn’t found until over a year later. While several people from several states came forward to say they had seen her with a mystery couple, all potential leads ran cold and her mother died eight years later of grief.

5. Aileen Conway

If there’s anything more unsettling and mystifying than finding a body in a burning car, we’d like to hear it. Aileen Conway was found that way in Oklahoma, and the initial explanation of “accident” was quickly cast into doubt when they found clear evidence – an iron and hose being left on, for example – that she had not left the house willingly. Neither would we, if that’s what was going to happen.

6. Ruth Cooper, Stephen Harkins, Diana Robertson, and Mike Riemer

Two awful double murders in the space of four months, both in a Washington forest, the bodies of campers Ruth Cooper, Stephen Harkins, Diana Robertson, and Mike Riemer were discovered shot and decapitated all in a similar fashion. Police suspected Diana’s boyfriend Mike, who initially couldn’t be found, but he was cleared 25 years later when someone stumbled on his skull in the same woods. We hope not literally – that would be serious nightmare fuel.

7. The Butcher Of Kingsbury Run

Back in the 1930s, Cleveland’s homeless lived in terror of a serial psychopath also known as The Torso Murderer. A dozen bodies were found over a period of a few years, cut and mutilated to almost non-recognition. Despite the grisliness and publicity of the case, it still remains unsolved.

8. Jack Davis Jr.

You have to feel sorry for the police back in the 80s, when information was far harder to come by. Even sorrier still for Jack Davis Jr., a student found dead on a University of Pennsylvania campus. Reported by the police as having choked on his own vomit, the case was reopened some time later when unsettling and contradictory evidence was found. Didn’t help the police, who for lack of lead still couldn’t solve it.

9. Keith Warren

Keith’s death by hanging, initially and stupidly ruled a suicide (the tree where he was found was far too small), may yet have a happy ending. Although it occurred in the mid-Nineties, the case was reopened two years ago and his sister is still poring over every detail. Although facts may be thin on the ground, we hope she finds some kind of closure.

10. Philip Frasier

One of those stories that reminds us that we never, ever want to pick up hitchhikers, Philip Frasier was killed by a man that he picked up in Canada, en route to Washington state. Worse, the killer then assumed Philip’s identity, stole his car, and stayed the night at a couple’s home in British Columbia. The hitchhiker-killer vanished the next day, never to be seen again, and Paul’s body was found a month and a half later.

11. Dick Hansen

The random shooting of Dick Hansen late one night has remained unsolved to this very day. All police had to go on were the witness reports of his friend Jean, who was following him in her car when a third car followed them off the highway, stopped with them, and shot Hansen as he exited his vehicle. Without any apparent motivation, evidence, or leads, the police never had much of a chance.

12. Su-Ya Kim

America, the lucky country. The land of opportunity… to get murdered. Having emigrated to the US in ’81, Koreans Su-Ya Kim and Su Young thought they had found the perfect life, until years later Su-Ya was murdered and found in a dumpster. What little information the police had to go on – a white man with glasses – was not nearly enough to find a killer, and the devastated Su Young and their children returned to Korea.

13. Wil Hendrick

It’s not unusual for a friend to go missing during a drunken party, but Wil Hendrick chillingly never turned up again. The party took place in 1999, and although his car was moved by someone the next day, Wil was never seen or heard from again. Detectives had no idea where to even begin looking until three years later when his body was found in the woods out of town. The killer is still unknown, and still on the loose.

14. Tina Marcotte And Tom Keuter

Double murder? Murder-suicide? Industrial accidents? Or spooky coincidence? No-one will ever know in the bizarre case of Tina Marcotte, who disappeared from a lumber yard, and her co-worker Tom, who was crushed by his own forklift in the exact same yard, four days later. The pair had shared a ride home just before Tina disappeared, but beyond that nothing much is known. Or, it seems, ever will be known.

15. Arnold Archambeau and Ruby Bruguier

What appeared at first glance to be another drunk-driving accident turned into a searing enigma when the bodies of the driver – Arnold – and Ruby couldn’t be found. It was only three months later that they were discovered, in the same icy ditch that they had crashed into, but that only deepened the mystery. When they examined the bodies, the police were shocked to find that they had the pair had died on different days.

16. Mario Amado

A beach holiday for Mario and three others turned into tragedy when Mario was arrested (for a fight) and found dead in his holding cell two hours later. Despite two autopsies and the arrest of a police officer thought to be involved, the case remains clouded in mystery. The Mexican officer was released after four months and what happened in Mexico stayed right there.

17. Ron Gillespie

The cops must have been patting themselves on the back when they arrested Mary Gillespie’s brother, Paul, for the murder of Mary’s husband. He was shot in his car after Mary received a number of threatening letters, and it seemed like case closed. Unfortunately, (and fortunately for Paul) the letters kept arriving even after Paul was put in jail. They released him and sheepishly reopened the case, but never came to a satisfying conclusion.

18. Robert Hamrick

As the chief of police for Rock Creek, Ohio, Robert Hamrick was probably used to a bit of danger in his job. When he was first instated in the 1960s, the town was plagued with gang violence. Cleaning it up took more than some hard work – it also took his life. He was found dead in a highly suspicious car accident, but despite overwhelming evidence of foul play, no-one was ever arrested in connection with the crime. Seems like even the chief couldn’t get his men to do a proper job.

19. Angie Housman

Even with DNA and fingerprints, the police could never find the sick killer of Missouri fourth-grader Angie Housman. She was found tied to a tree, tortured and frozen to death, nine days after she vanished near her home. It’s hard to believe that anyone who did that couldn’t be found. How much more evidence do they need?

20. Cathy Ford

Blood in his bedroom, fake letters sent to her parents, a burnt car he failed to report – there’s not much more West Virginian police officer Paul Ferrell could have done to implicate himself in the murder of teenager Cathy Ford. The only problem was that a body was never found, and people claimed to see Cathy long after her mysterious disappearance. Ferrell was released from prison 15 years later, still claiming his innocence. But if that’s the case, what really happened?

21. Su Taraskiewicz

Assaulted, stabbed, and stuffed into the trunk of her own car, Northwest Airlines ground service worker Su Taraskiewicz’s death has never been satisfactorily explained. In yet another case of detectives overlooking key evidence, it was her mother who discovered a year afterwards that she was being constantly sexually harassed at work. Sadly, the new evidence couldn’t bring any charges and justice was never served.

22. Leroy Drieth

What seemed like a very unfortunate car accident for Leroy Drieth turned into an unsolvable murder mystery over two decades later. His family, still suspicious of the circumstances of his death, exhumed his body to find knife marks on his neck. Maybe the biggest mystery is why they waited so long.

23. Camilla Lyman

In 1987, rich and fairly reclusive dog breeder Camilla Lyman, now Cam Lyman thanks to a gender transformation, disappeared completely. There was only one suspect in the case – George O’Neil, the caretaker of her house (why is it always caretakers) – but no link was found or charge made. No body, either, until 1997 when the new home owner found Cam’s body in a sewer. We can bet he regretted that purchase.

24. Rae Ann Mossor

Rae Ann Mossor was shot during an argument in her ex-boyfriend’s house. Sounds like an open and shut case, right? Not according to the police, who believed the man’s faintly ridiculous claim that she shot herself in despair and ruled it a suicide. After much pressure they agreed to reopen the case, but it didn’t help at all – they still couldn’t pin a thing on the ex. Less unsolved and more unsatisfactory, really.

25. Ted Loseff

Don’t believe Hollywood – cases of women getting deadly revenge on their husbands are actually pretty rare. Which is why the wife of Ted Loseff, Wilma, may have escaped initial suspicion when Ted was found dead in his car. In another sad case of real police work arriving far too late, the autopsy was only performed four years later, which is when they realized he had struggled with an attacker before he died. By this point, the damage had been done, and the question of whether Wilma did it will forever remain unanswered.


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