25 Most Terrifying Haunted Cemeteries on Earth - #22 Is Absolutely Horrifying!

Jay Dawson December 16th 2016 Other
Scared of ghosts? Afraid of the dark? Freaked out by the living dead? Well, don’t worry, because this time we’ve done all the terrifying work for you. We’ve crossed the globe, from haunted crypt to deathly hollow, to find you the 25 most chilling graveyards that you won’t have to visit. Ever. If you’re ready to see something truly petrifying from the comfort of your warm, safe home, have a look here at what we dug up.

1. Bonaventure Cemetery, Georgia

Creepy statues will put a cemetery on anyone’s do-not-visit. Bonaventure has got plenty of them, but it’s also got one that’s even spookier – a statue of a girl called Gracie. Steal any of the small presents lying at her feet, and apparently the statue will start crying. So will we, so cut it out.

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