25 Disturbing Things You'll Only Find In Chinese Walmarts - #21 Will Stun You!

Paul W. Hewson December 7th 2016 Humor
You ever have one of those days where you’re just sitting around - probably cleaning your toenails or watching Internet porn - and stop to think “I wonder what sort of weird stuff they sell at the Walmarts in China”? Of course you have, who do you think you’re kidding? We’re on to you, pal. Anyway…

Well, the answer is “some pretty weird crap.” Oh, and “the usual stuff, too.” Don’t believe us? Well, we just happen to have some examples of this “pretty weird crap.” In fact, we have twenty-five examples of this “pretty weird crap”. That’s right, we got proof, bitches!

So, here’s twenty-five weird things you’ll only find in a Chinese Walmart.

1. Pig Faces

Whether you’re looking for the last perfect piece for that Halloween costume or you simply want to look at the face of the creature giving you all that tasty bacon, you can’t go wrong with a fresh-off-the-farm face of a pig. Whatever the reason you need it is, you know you can find them at a Walmart in Beijing. Who doesn’t want a pig face? Besides sane people, I mean.

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