GRAPHIC Video Footage of Deadly Chinese Bus Crash Caught On Dash Camera

Ethan Tremblay November 29th 2016 Other
In this terrifying video you are about to witness, which appears to be a montage of security footage from inside the bus at the time of the accident, the driver and passengers are seen being flung from their seats during the crash. One person was killed and multiple people were reportedly injured after the driver of a tourist bus in China attempted to reverse the vehicle on a highway, triggering a collision with a truck that was barreling down the road. Warning: this video is extremely graphic.

The Bus Hits a Truck Going in Reverse

The bus driver began to reverse down a motorway after the driver missed an exit. According to Chinese newspaper Guizhou Metropolitan Daily, the bus had started reversing on the highway after the driver realized that he had missed an exit. As it moved backward along the road, a truck — which the paper says was moving at a “high speed” — crashed into the bus’ rear, causing the bus to roll over. Click Next Below.

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