Still Lookin' Hot! 25 Celebrities Who Have Aged Amazingly Well

Jay Dawson November 25th 2016 Entertainment
Hollywood is a place of eternal beauty. As the celebs age and fade from the stage lights, they’re quickly replaced with newer, fresher models, ready to seduce us all over again. But some of these stars will not go quietly. They might be over 50, but they’re just as beautiful – and just as talented – as they’ve ever been. Some of these celebs look younger than their years, while some retain a timeless style that means they’ll never go out of fashion. Here are just some of the ones we still love.

1. Famke Janssen

The eye-catching 52 year old X-Men star might just have a little bit of mutant in her. But instead of growing claws – which would look good on her, anyway – she’s managed to see in her golden years without aging a bit. Now starring in Hemlock Grove and How To Get Away With Murder, she’s looking as good as ever.

2. Robert Downey Jr.

Most of us who have been working for 45 years in the same job will start to look a little beaten down. Not so for RDJ, who’s hit 50 and is still as sexy as ever. Even though he’s been in the acting gig since he was five, and despite some long-term dalliances with some pretty serious drugs, you wouldn’t know it to look at his smooth, boyish face.

3. Monica Bellucci

There’s no secret to 52 year old Monica Bellucci’s eternal beauty – she’s Italian. So if you’re looking for her recipe for success, just think laughter, wine, friends, a steady diet of tomatoes, olives, and seafood, and the cleansing waters of the Mediterranean. She’s now a Bond girl, too, which is more than proof enough that she’s still outclassing hordes of younger starlets.

4. Johnny Depp

You’re only as old as you feel, as really old people say. 53 year old Johnny Depp might be the physical embodiment of this: he’s still clowning around (bless his heart) like a 25-year-old backpacker, and he has the chiseled cheekbones and boyband hair to match. Will he grow up? Maybe. Should he? Nah.

5. Elizabeth Hurley

It’s hard to believe that stunning and talented actress Liz Hurley has reached the ripe old age of 51. With barely any line, wrinkle, or for that matter, any sign of aging at all, and her flawless looks still attract drooling admirers from pubescence to senility. She’s still brightening up our screens, too, with a major role in The Royals.

6. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has had a long and varied career, playing everything from a chauffeur to detective to prisoner. But the 79-year-old’s easiest work might have been playing God in Bruce Almighty. Look at the facts: he’s very old, he’s got a beard, he makes people’s lives happier, and he still appears to be a young, handsome gentleman. Remind you of anyone?

7. Sandra Bullock

52-year-old Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock knows exactly what it’s like to never go below 50 again. She’s passed it by a couple of years, and like an out of control bus this bombshell doesn’t care about slowing down. And why would she? Still gorgeous, and with Gravity, Minions, and Our Brand Is Crisis to her name, still one of the best actresses around.

8. Pharrell Williams

By far the youngest in this list, Pharrell has reached the age of 43 this year. Which would barely rate a mention, except it’s starting to look like he might be immortal. Eagle-eyed internet commenters have already noticed one startling fact: over the last twenty years, he hasn’t just aged gracefully -he hasn’t aged at all!

9. Brad Pitt

By the time you’re reading this, the Pitt will have reached 53. It seems like we were tweens when we first heard the women whisper his name, and even now he’s still got the ladies swooning. How does he do it? Our guess is that he’s been swapping himself with his eternally young likeness at Madame Tussauds.

10. Demi Moore

When 54 year old Demi was dating Ashton Kutcher, half of the gossip world was scandalized. The other, more reasonable half took one look at her and said “so what?”. If we had seen them in the street, not knowing their ages, we would have never given it a second thought. The truth is that she’s still glamorous, youthful, and more beautiful and stylish than plenty of 20-year-olds we’ve seen.

11. Dr. Dre

With Dr Dre, the surprise is not so much that he’s grown old gracefully, but the fact that he’s still alive. Feuds, bad blood, and a troubled youth could have left him penniless, or worse. But he’s a survivor at 51 years old. And despite it all he’s still at the top of his game, and he’s still as good-looking as ever.

12. Doris Day

There’s endless confusion over whether she’s 92 or 94, but who cares? One of the greatest singers and Hollywood luminaries of the past century, Doris Day will probably outlive us all. Even now she can be seen in the recording studio, and she’s also a tireless animal rights activist. And of course, still fabulous.

13. Russell Crowe

It’s easy to be a man and age gracefully. You can put on weight, lose hair, and get a bunch of wrinkles, and all it does is make you more interesting and rugged. The same goes for 52 year old Rusty, who despite half a century, a bit of puffiness, and refusal to visit the barber, has still got a mysterious allure. It helps that he’s always choosing roles that suit him.

14. Courtney Love

After a very long and public meltdown, we never though the frontwoman for 90s band Hole would stick around this long, let alone keep her grungy beauty. But she pulled herself together and has even found new fame with several high-profile TV and movie appearances. Looking at her, you’d never guess the trouble she’s been through at 52 years old.

15. Keanu Reeves

Hitting half a century hasn’t slowed down the Matrix star’s good looks, or his ability to make action films. After a brief time away from the spotlight, he exploded onto our screens last year with John Wick, proving he’s still got what it takes after three decades of acting. Shave off that beard and he’d still pass for a 30-year-old.

16. Judi Dench

Dame Judi Dench has long supplied grace and talent to both film and theater, but it might be her role as James Bond’s boss, M, that truly reflects her real life. At 81, she’s smarter, more stylish, and more respected than most of us, and it looks like she’s unstoppable. Hats off to one of Hollywood’s most dazzling lights. At that (or any) age, we wish we could shine so bright.

17. Tom Cruise

Over a long and very profitable career, Cruise’s Earth-trapped meat body has served him well. But now that he’s reached 50, the cracks are starting to appear. His pearly-white teeth, flawless skin, and radiance is evidence that he is slowly transforming into his truly divine alien Thetan form. It looks like we all need to take a leaf out of one of L. Ron Hubbard’s crackpot books.

18. Linda Perry

Linda Perry is hardcore. Not only is she an eminently successful (and Grammy Award winning) singer-songwriter with the 4 Non Blondes, she also runs two record labels, a family, and writes hits for other artists like Pink, Christina Aguilera, Adele, and Alicia Keys. It’s exhausting work, but at age 51 it doesn’t look like it’s taken any sort of toll. She still looks young, fresh, and ready to take on the world.

19. Conan O'Brien

53 year old Conan hasn’t merely stayed youthful. With that cheeky grin and roguish mop of hair, he looks like he was born just the other day. Maybe he’s a secret Benjamin Button, living his life in reverse. Maybe when he was born he looked like a 90-year-old. Until we see baby photos, it’s the only explanation we’ll accept.

20. Elle Macpherson

When the Australian-born, world-renowned model was nicknamed The Body in the 80s, few thought the name – or the body – would last. She’s had the last laugh, though, and after 30 more years in the business, her 52 year old body is still holding up magnificently. Her face, too, which was even featured on a postage stamp (of Antigua and Barbuda, but still), the first model in the world to receive the honor.

21. Diane Lane

Diane has wooed several generations with her sultry and vulnerable turns in Unfaithful, Nights In Rodanthe, and Under The Tuscan Sun. It seems like we can’t get enough of her. And although she’s turned 51 this year, she hasn’t lost her ageless beauty and magnetic screen presence.

22. George Clooney

The only sign that George Clooney has reached 55 is his expertly styled salt-and-pepper hair. To all the weak-kneed ladies out there – and, let’s face it, to us too – all it does is make him look even more distinguished. It doesn’t matter how many wrinkles he racks up – the master of style will always be a heartthrob.

23. Sarah Jessica Parker

Imagine if they did another series of Sex and The City, with the same stars, as old as they are now. Do you think those crazy ladies would have slowed down at all? In Sarah Jessica Parker’s case, probably not. She’s just over 50 but certainly doesn’t look it. She’d still be reeling in the studs.

24. Michael Caine

The English seem to produce more refined ladies and gentlemen than the rest of the world, and Michael Caine is no exception. Sixty-odd years in the limelight and more than a hundred film roles have given him the grace, wit, and consistent handsomeness that make him seem far younger than his 83 years of age. Even if he wasn’t a Knight of the British Empire we’d still call him sir.

25. Kristin Davis

Another Sex and The City alumni who’s still fun and fabulous, Kristin Davis is almost the same age as Sarah Jessica Parker. There had to be something in the on-set water – that, or she’s stolen her character’s wardrobe. Either way, we’re equal parts admiring and jealous.


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