10 Reasons Why Technology Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

Cheryl Brite March 12th 2015 Tech
Technology is going to let you down. It’s only a matter of time before technology takes over the world, and you become obsolete. Don’t let this happen to you!

#1. More Sitting, Less Activity

TVs, computers, and smart phones will keep you on your butt until you get up one day and realize it’s been a week since you’ve been outside much less hit the treadmill. So take your eyes off the technology and get a grip on the world of reality.

#2. Lack of Human Contact

Sure social media pages can take the place of human connection but it can’t hug, kiss, or love you so get out there and start hugging random people on the street. Of course they’ll think you’re the weirdest person alive but at least their shouting is somewhat of a real life conversation.

#3. Decrease in Brain Cells

Technology makes you stupid. It’s true that you can learn what you want to know by watching TV but the majority of TV shows are useless garbage. You can learn a lot more from just stepping outside your home and into the world.

#4. Unreliable

Technology breaks down, and that’s the reality of life. It only takes one fall to the floor or one giant spill to shut down your phone and no matter how many companies come up with ways to improve upon these problems, you’re phone will die one way or the other.

#5. It will take over our jobs

Someday you’ll be unemployed and realize you’re not as important as you thought. A computer has taken your job and sent you into a downward spiral that you’re afraid you’ll never come back from.

#6. Hurt Feelings

Words hurt in the cyber world. There are too many people you don’t even know who can hurt you online. Shutdown your computer and realize your own self worth.

#7. Addictive Screens

There’s something about a computer, phone, and TV screen that keeps you coming back for more. Whatever you do, don’t go towards the light and stay for hours on end, wasting your life away.

#8. Dependency on Technology

You’ve become dependent on your Keurig coffee machine in the morning, microwave breakfast burritos, smart phone on your break, your computer at work, and you’re TV when you get home. It’s time to step back and go to a Technology Anonymous meeting and realize that technology does not control your life.

#9. People can access your life

Your online information is not safe from someone who is looking to use, abuse, and drag your identity through the mud. Be careful what you reveal about yourself online, it could come back to bit you in the butt.

#10. You have to replace it

Lets face it; it’s a huge hassle to replace technology with the newest most up to date version. It’s not only a hassle, but it takes a huge amount of change out of your wallet that you can’t get back.


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