Female Soldier Tests Bomb Proof Suit By Walking Through Minefield

Charlie Blacks II April 25th 2016 Tech
Some of you little boys are stuck shaking in your boots in some ‘think fast’ critical situations. A lot of you are confused as to how to put out a grease fire, how to safely load a firearm, or even the basics of changing a tire. This isn’t for all you weaklings and dorks out there that still have to ask your grandparents permission to borrow the station wagon for a grocery store run either. If you struggle through 10 pull-ups or have a hard time completing a simple task, like changing your engine oil, step aside for this bad ass Russian soldier who walks through a minefield like it’s a morning stroll on Miami Beach. Press play below to see this soldier test a Russia’s very first high quality bomb proof suit.
Last week, Russian deputy prime minister, Dmitry Rogozon, posted this video of a Russian soldier strutting through a live minefield wearing a high tech bomb proof suit while the explosives were triggered to go off at close proximity to the brave test subject. The full body protective suit was designed and is the latest project of Russia's Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering also known as TSNIITOCHMASH, a Russian defense sector that is focused on the development of small arms and non-lethal military equipment. As you can see the military guinea pig did get close to some explosives but never received a direct hit from any. Probably because no matter how high quality the flame-retardant, there’s no material saving your arms or legs from the blast of an explosive. Regardless, this badass soldier made this test look like cakewalk, as the suit turned from a off white color to almost completely black from the smut of the explosives. The best part of this video isn’t necessarily the soldier walking through the minefield, but the ending… When the soldier is revealed to be a woman who vigorously flips her hair after removing her protective mask.
Now as for you little boys that think they’re cool because they have a high kill ratio on Call of Duty, you think you can handle that? We think it’s time that you took a step out your mommy’s basement, catch some actual sunlight, and get into the real battlefield. We’re not exactly saying that we’re bold enough to walk through a minefield with a flimsy bodysuit on either, but you have to admit there isn’t too many macho cats out there willing to risk a limb for this test run. This unknown blonde bombshell of a soldier definitely gets a salute from us!


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