Japan Invents Full Body Virtual Reality Masturbation Suit

Charlie Blacks II April 8th 2016 Tech
We’ve all seen the intense graphics of some of the gaming consoles we have today. When the Nintendo Wii came out years back it allowed a lot of to gather around the television with our families and actually interact with our video games, rather than just sitting in front of the screen, shovelling Chee-tos into our mouths and guzzling unhealthy amounts of Mountain Dew into our systems without our eyes leaving the screen. It looks like gaming will be headed into an entirely new direction as virtual reality headsets are being introduced by multiple tech companies. From Samsung to Google it looks like virtual reality headsets are going to be the new wave, but what Japanese tech company Tenga is doing with virtual reality is sure to either creep you out or excite you… Either way, we won’t judge you, take a look for yourself below.
As you can see the young man’s jaw dropped in complete bliss as he penetrates an anime version of a sweet young tender. We know some of you are asking is this technology going to pass health inspection for multiple users, some of you are thinking how disgusting, and others are slightly interested in getting your hands on one of these full body contraptions. The Japanese developer, Tenga, completed this full body interactive system by utilizing a similar headset to the well-known Oculus Rift that allows users to see into an entirely virtual world. A bodysuit with sensors attached is included to simulate as if someone is touching the user. Also, two moving breast like additions and a device to strap the user’s genitals into, complete the contraption. We have one question, would you be willing to strap yourself into this virtual reality sex machine?
We do have a couple issues with the device though… For instance, how do the ladies get in on the virtual reality action? Also, if the young man in this video was to be brought to ‘completion’ by his virtual honeybun while still wearing the suit, in which we’re glad we didn’t have to witness, how does that work? Where does the… nevermind. We see some flaws in this system, but according to Tenga you can go for a ride of a lifetime for about $300. We’ll pass… we hope that thing is being sanitized correctly and the people of Japan go back to the traditional way of things of courting or just purchasing sexual favors like some of America’s political figures do.


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