Luxury Balloon To Take Space Tourists Thousands of Miles Into Space

Kaleigh M April 7th 2016 Tech
Have you ever imagined floating in space? Today, a company known as World View has made that possible for individuals who are willing to pay a price. Priced at $75,000 per ticket, individuals are able to take a leap into space and experience something that was previously only available to trained astronauts. With the ability to soar above the incredible planet we call home, World View hopes to allow individuals develop a better appreciation for the world we live it. This program sends passengers into a capsule 20 miles above the earth’s surface. While in the stratosphere, one is able to see the curves of the earth as the sun lights it up, outlined with a pitch black sky. This balloon that brings individuals up is made up of a combination of plastic composite and very high tech resin. An extremely strong material, the balloon is about the size of a football field when inflated.
At the end of the trip, the balloon detaches from the capsule. The capsule and passengers then gently floats down back to earth attached to a parafoil. A parafoil is typically made up of nylon, and strongly resembles a parachute. This parafoil spreads out about 3200 feet and allows for a safe landing. The best part is that this amazing program has found a way to help the earth it puts on display. After the balloon detaches from the capsule when the passengers are ready to come down, a team is sent to track down this balloon. After it reaches earth, it is picked up by the World View team, and recycled into plastic bottles. This brilliant idea allows World View contribute to the wonderful world it is exploring.
This idea of using balloons to view space is not new. In fact, it is documented that an individual named Joseph Kittinger was the first man to make a solo trip across the Atlantic Ocean in a gas balloon. However, there has been some innovation related to space tourism via balloon. The type of balloons used for this new type of adventure are called altitude balloons. Altitude balloons were used to take people to the edge of space to explore, discover, and learn. Through these types of projects, space tourism was a very possible thing in the 1960s well before the space race. Today, this incredible adventure is now an opportunity for those who are interested. World View executives state that they aim to make space as accessible as a commercial airline flight.


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