Brave Physicist Shoots Himself With A Gun Underwater

Kaleigh M February 1st 2016 Tech
Andrew Wahl, a Norwegian physicist, just completed another amazing experiment. In this crazy experiment, Wahl used himself as the test subject in order to test the difference between air and water resistance. Whal stands neck deep underwater in a pool with a string in his hand. The question is what is this string attached to? Surprising everyone who watched the video, the string was attached to a fully loaded gun. This gun was pointing at Wahl. Within a few dramatic seconds of the video, Wahl pulls the string. The bullet flies only a few feet before slowly drifting to the bottom of the pool, completely avoiding Wahl.
As the bullet drifts to the bottom of the pool, one tends to notice the pattern that follows it. The row of cylindrically shaped bubbles occurred for a very interesting reason indeed. These exploding bubbles are actually the result of the imbalance between high and low pressure as the bullet travels through the water. As the bullet travels, it is lead by a small area of very high pressure due to the immense amount of power used to exert it from the gun. This area of extremely high pressure causes the water to heat up and even boil for a quick moment. This hot water expands, and as it begins to cool and evaporate, it turns into an area of low pressure (aka the bubble shape). The water around this area pushes down on the evaporating water, giving it its cylindrical shape. Although this is an incredible testament to the type of pressure able to be exerted underwater, it does not answer the question of why the bullet floated to the bottom of the pool harmlessly, according to
Most people believe that firing a gun at oneself in any circumstance is crazy; however, Wahl knew exactly what he was doing. To begin, the firing pin has no issue of releasing underwater and releases at the same pace as if it were in the air. The gun itself has no problem firing the bullet because Oxygen is one of the main elements in gunpowder, and therefore is waterproof. While on land, the bullet has little resistance when shot, so it is able to travel quite a distance quickly. On the other hand, water provides a large amount of resistance to the traveling bullet. According to, water is 800 times denser than air. Due to this fact, when shot underwater, the bullet was only able to travel 1/1000 the amount of distance than it would in the air. Even though this experiment teaches us a lot about the difference between water and air resistance…don’t try this at home kids!


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