New Electric Car Company 'Faraday Future' Reveals a Stunning Concept Car That Will Make You Speechless

Charlie Blacks II January 7th 2016 Tech
With fossil fuels and oil becoming a thing of the past, scientist, designers, and car enthusiasts have been looking for ways to advance vehicle technology during the transition from fuel-based to electronic battery-based cars. It seems like every major car company has pitched their ideas for electric cars for the new year. Audi, Bentley and Aston Martin all have concepts for long range, energy efficient electric vehicles for the future. Mercedes-Benz just revealed a high-tech vehicle combining driverless technology with multiple entertainment systems. Google is also tinkering around with all-electric, driverless technology for vehicles. Of course that means Apple had to get into the race and rumors have been spreading about the company releasing their own vehicle in 2019. But this year during CES 2016, a consumer electronic and technological based tradeshow, new electric car company Faraday Future stole the show and revealed the concept for the FFZero1 and it’s badass.
The brand new car company, Faraday Future, prides themselves on the fact that their high-tech supercar is ran on a modular battery that can be easily resized for future models and designs. The battery structure is comprised of multiple cells arranged into what the company likes to call ‘strings.’ Adding or removing the strings alter the car’s battery capacity and also change the wheelbases, the distance from the front and rear axles. The carbon fiber based exterior also has multiple aerodynamic tunnels that flow through the car in order to cool off the battery and motor block. The tunnels also reduce drag, which increases the vehicle’s top speed. The super futuristic cockpit like interior is based on the designs of NASA. The driver’s seat is designed to offer user support against g-forces creating a sense of weightlessness - the designers describe the vehicle’s interior as the ‘Zero Gravity Driving Station.’ Faraday Future designed their premiere vehicle with a enough technology so that the driver develops a ‘sixth sense for [their] intentions and needs.’
Former engineer for Elon Musk and Faraday Future’s current research chief, Nick Sampson, had this to say about the company’s first work, "We're taking the innovative, intuitive movements of digital devices and applying them to the interior of the vehicle incorporating swipes, pinches and touches… Apple didn't just redefine the phone, it transformed the way we communicate, organize and enjoy our lives. That is what we are looking to do." We think Sampson and the Faraday Future team may be onto something with this concept. Not only is the vehicle designed to be modified easily, it is cost efficient and non-time consuming. We’ll give the brand new car company a shot and look forward to seeing some of their cars on the road in the future.


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