New Genius Invention Cleans Our Oceans By Filtering Out Garbage and Harmful Chemicals

Charlie Blacks II January 7th 2016 Tech
The environment has been a hot topic for years now. From global warming, to air pollution, to waste management, some have been doing their part to reduce these problematic issues and others blatantly don’t care. But every once in awhile we come up with tools to not only repair the damage we’ve done to our environment but to aid the natural process of our ecosystem. A major issue marine biologists, fishermen, and beach lovers have been concerned with for years now is the amount of waste dumped into our oceans day in and day out. Luckily boat builder Andrew Turton and designer Pete Ceglinski teamed up to create a device that could save us from contributing to more ocean pollution and even make beach clean up a lot easier after those summertime visits. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the Seabin has arrived!
The concept is simple and was 100% funded by an Indiegogo campaign. The Seabin prototype is a plastic container lined with a natural fiber like sack that sits at the surface of sheltered bodies of water, connected to a water pump that continuously sucks water through the container trapping contents like plastic, rubbish, even oil and detergent. The water is filtered through the pump and returned into the ocean throughout the course of the day. What makes the Seabin concept even greater is that the maintenance is easy and only requires that the contents of the fiber sack be removed in the proper trash receptacles. Ooh, let us not forget that the system is designed to run 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year. This may be the greatest environmental design concept since the solar panel. The only flaw that this system might have is its effects on microscopic sea life. The duo is currently working with scientist to create fish deterrent technology so that marine life is not affected by the cleaning system.
The Seabin is perfect for marinas, ports, and beaches across the world. It looks like Turton and Ceglinski not only have a profitable invention on their hands but a starting point to getting our oceans back to being a safe place for marine life and people alike. Also, we feel like their phones were probably ringing off the hook as it has become a trend for companies to use ocean plastic for eco-friendly clothing, shoes, and even furniture. Thank you Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski for the newest and coolest ocean technology in the Seabin.


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