10 Best Affordable Older Cars To Drive On The Road

Cheryl Brite May 26th 2015 Tech
The streets are your oyster. You love the feeling of the wind in your hair and the tires on the road. But is your car worthy of driving on the open road? You may want to trade in your car for a better one.

#1. Mercedes Benz W113

This luxurious car is what you want to drive on any road. You don't have to worry about where you leave this car. You will be recognized for your sophisticated taste in cars. Take care of the Mercedes Benz W113 and the car will give you back 250,000 miles without you having to get your engine replaced.

#2. Volvo 242

This car is known for its safety. It's not only safe, but it's a very stylish car that will get you though any kind of weather. The Volvo 242 is a reliable piece of machinery that will fulfill your need for speed. Most importantly you will feel comfortable as you drive the ever winding road of life.

#3. BMC Mini

It's such a cute car, but there's more to it then that. You'll love to drive this baby because of how cheap it is. It will make you feel good on a bad day because everyone will be jealous that you have this car. This British like BMC Mini will feel good beneath your feet as you cruise the streets.

#4. VW Golf MkI

This car rates high in front wheel drive, and that's a good thing for any car. You want to be able to know that you can trust that your car and get from point a to point b, and the VW Golf MkI does just that for your driving needs. The engine is great along with the passenger space in the car. You will enjoy yourself on the open road with this car.

#5. Toyota FJ60

You want an off road vehicle that can stand up to any kind of weather. This car is the key to your happiness. It is more refined and reliable to take you on any adventure on rough terrain that you will never forget. The Toyota FJ60 is truly the best car for your driving needs.

#6. Ford Mustang (1964-1966)

It's a classic car that you can always count on. They finally got the mustang right when they added more power, but that's not the only thing that makes this car a success. It's small, light, and easy to maneuver, which makes it above the rest of its competitors. The Ford Mustang's style and great prices makes this car worth driving on the open road.

#7. Mazda Miata MX-5

It may be an alliteration in name, but this car has more to offer. You love sports cars and Mazda, so this is really a match made in heaven. This car sells fast so don't miss your chance to drive down the road in this car today. The Mazda Miata MX-5 is reliable as well as a fun car that you can afford.

#8. Alfa Romeo 105/115 Series

It's attractive in appearance, and you can't deny that. They won't take all of your money, and it's a reliable European car that you will love to drive. Turning on the car is a symphony as you begin your driving journey. The Alfa Romeo 105/115 series will fit four comfortably, and you can enjoy the open road with good friends.

#9. Datsun 240Z

It has more in the front and less in the back, but you like it this way. This Japanese car includes rear wheel drive and has opened the doors for other Japanese sports cars to come into existence. It's not only reliable and affordable, bit it can handle the twists and turns of the road in a beautiful way. The Datsun 240Z is the car you were meant to drive.

#10. Honda CRX

Honda has come alive with this car in great engineering and reliability. You'll have the time of your life in this car. As long as you take care of your Honda CRX, it will never let you down. It's great to know that when you're in a car like this, the engine will always start. You want this car but more importantly you need this car when you drive on the road.


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