20 Inventions from the 1990's That We Thought Were Cool

T.F. Lyle April 28th 2015 Tech
As hard as it is to admit, cool just isn't cool anymore. Those born and raised in the yester years learned to appreciate the simple inventions and technology of their time and there was good reason to be thankful. My argument here is we need to bring back some of this stuff...what do you think?

20. Scrunchies

Girls couldn't live without these hair accessories. Scrunchies came in a variety of colors and patterns and made many style options possible. Thank you Scrunchies, thank you.

19. See Through Phone ( Landline)

Nifty right? All the questions about what compartments make up a phone could be answered when you bought one of these babies.

18. Moon Shoes

Like the name, these shoes made one feel like they were walking on a zero gravity moon...or perhaps that part was left to the imagination.

17. Easy Bake Oven

My bakery goods sure as heck never looked that good, but I guess practice and patience make perfect.

16. Light Bright

For all the non-artists out there, Light Bright was your chance to shine(haha, cause this invention really glows) and create real works of art.

15. Tamagochi

This virtual game taught children the horrors, I mean the responsibility, of owning a pet. Don't fall asleep when you have this game for your duckie, or whatever the heck your pet is, could possibly suffocate in its own poop and/or starve to death.

14. Polly Pockets

Way to hit me right in the childhood. I would spend hours playing pretend with all the Polly Pocket cars, clothes, and people. So fun!

13. Super Soakers

The ultimate key to the ultimate summer vacation. Stay cool kids, stay cool.

12. Bop It

If you enjoy high stress games, Bop It is for you. Whether you're hitting it, twisting it, shaking it, whatever...you got to do it in time or you lose.

11. Slinkies

So simple, yet complex. Watching these guys blop their way down a set of stairs was interesting to say in the least...and apparently they can be used for art.

10. Crimper Iron

Hey, Crimper Irons were way cooler than curling or straightening irons. I think the result on one's hair is what sold this invention.

9. Mood Rings

You could be happy, sad, angry, depressed, excited, or ecstatic. Mood Rings told all as they could read your feelings( or the temperature of your finger hehe).

8. Chokers

All the cool chics wore these fashion statements meaning, of course, we should all start wearing them now.

7. Hacky Sack

A game of hand eye coordination and skill. Not my cup of tea but at least the beanie bags had cool designs.

6. Bubble Tape

Some jerks would take just one big bite and leave the rest for everyone else. Lesson #1: that is morally in every way. You are supposed to conserve this gum and make it last long by taking once piece at a time. Like, hello.

5. Pitfall

What graphics! At least for the 90s anyway! This computer game had an interesting plot, challenging levels to pass, and a nifty jungle landscape. Fun stuff.

4. Smackers Chapstick

Remember how many flavors Smackers Chapstick came in? And the scent was to die for! So much more than just a lip moisturizer.

3. Talkback Dear Diary

Hey, teenage peoples get lonely sometimes mmmkay? In all seriousness though, this Diary was an awesome invention. You could record your own voice or the voice of your friends and have it play back to you whenever you wanted.

2. Snap Bracelets

They snap, they clap, they're freakin convenient.

1. Koosh Balls

Fun to chug at your siblings or at random innocents, what you could do with Koosh Balls was limited only by your imagination.


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