Top 20 Jobs For People Who Like To Help Others

Cheryl Brite April 23rd 2015 Lifestyle
The world is full of jobs that are rewarding but no job is more rewarding then helping others. It’s not any easy job by any means, but it’s worth it when you know you’ve helped someone get back on their feet. If you can just help one person, then life is worth living. There are different ways to help people. It’s not always about saving the world. #1 takes a lot of hard work, but it's by far the best!

#20. Peace Corps Volunteer

You want to make the world a better place. You want to make a difference. Well the Peace Corps is the right job for you to help those in need. You’ll feel great satisfaction giving back to people what they’ve lost. Estimated Yearly Salary: $5,000

#19. Au Pair

Nothing gives you more joy then improving the lives of children by instilling them with your knowledge of the world. You become a part of not only their lives, but also you become part of the family as you live with them and learn about their culture. You help the kids with their schoolwork, and you feel a sense of satisfaction that you have something to offer young minds. What could be better? Estimated Yearly Salary: $18,000

#18. Salesperson

Customer service is the center of your life. You take great joy in helping people buy the top of the line products in the market today. With creative taglines and an upbeat personality you sell people what you know they need and can’t do without. You know your customers well, and you help them improve their lives with next best products out there. Estimated Yearly Salary: $41,000

#17. Social Service Worker

This is by no means an easy job. You see people suffering on a daily basis, and it is your job to help people fix what is broken. Patience and perseverance is required to get through this job in one piece. You don’t always know what you’re walking into as a social worker, but you know you want to help people get better. Estimated Yearly Salary: $41,000

#16. Philanthropist

You travel the world and help people in need. Money is given from your own pocket to supply places with the tools they need to build better schools, stoves, medicine, and so much more. You don’t care what it takes you’re not going to give up on people. While you’re changing the lives of people in need, you’re changing your own life as well. Estimated Yearly Salary: $45,000

#15. Real Estate Agent

You help people find a home. You keep the client’s wants in mind when you show them different properties. You’re giving a family a new place to start their own memories. You feel a sense of accomplishment when you sell a house but nothing can compare to the smiles on your client’s faces when they enter their life long home. Estimated Yearly Salary: $45,000

#14. Self-Improvement Coach

Improving people’s lives are your job. When people have barriers in their personality that prevents them from being the best person they can be, you guide them in the right direction to happiness and a sense of self worth. Your coaching can change people’s lives for the better. No longer will your clients feel that they are not good enough. Estimated Yearly Salary: $45,000

#13. Guidance Counselor

You’re guiding young minds to their future outside of school. With your encouragement, they will be on their way to big and better things. You can make a difference in a student’s life just by believing they can do anything they set their mind to. You’re responsible for many students leaving school and pursuing their careers. Estimated Yearly Salary: $46,000

#12. Teacher

If you love molding young minds, then being a teacher can be a rewarding job. Sure it’s not always rewarding when some of your students give you a hard time but you believe that your knowledge will give students what they need to be successful in life. Nothing will give you more pleasure then knowing a student of yours has made it in the world. You may be underappreciated sometimes, but you know you’re making a difference for the students you teach. Estimated Yearly Salary: $48,000

#11. Image Consultants

For people who have a low self-esteem and are insecure about their appearance, you’re here to help them get their self-confidence back. You work not only on their appearance, but their personality. You create their ideal image and give them their life back. You leave your clients happy and confident about themselves when they leave your office. Estimated Yearly Salary: $51,000

#10. Dietician

A food plan and the right amount of exercise is what you suggest to your clients, who are not living a healthy lifestyle. Their mind and body will improve greatly because of your knowledge of what the human body needs in order to be happy. Their confidence will skyrocket, and they will thank for changing their lives. This job will make you feel good. Estimated Yearly Salary: $55,000

#9. Fitness Trainer

Exercise is important. There’s no denying this, and that’s where you come in. You help people who want to get in shape and being healthy. You plan activities that will help you clients shed those pounds. Estimated Yearly Salary: $55,000

#8. Physical Therapist

You help people get their lives back. You’re the reason why your patient can walk after being in a bad accident. Working closely with your patients, you give them the confidence to get out of their wheelchair and step into real life with both feet. You change not only their lives, but you change their families’ lives as well. Estimated Yearly Salary: $66,000

#7. Veterinarian

Helping animals are your calling and now it’s your job. Nothing gives you greater joy then healing sick animals. You give your client’s pets back to them in tiptop form. For that your clients will always be grateful. Estimated Yearly Salary: $71,000

#6. Psychologist

You are a therapist that studies the human mind through your clients as you evaluate, diagnose, and treat them. You give your clients their lives back, so they can live happy, healthy, and normal lives. Nothing beats the satisfaction on your patient’s face as they leave your office better then when they came in. It feels good to get people back on track with their lives. Estimated Yearly Salary: $72,000

#5. Nurse

Patience is key in this not so easy job. There will be a lot of difficult patients to deal with, but you are there to assure and comfort your patients. You want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible while they’re staying in the hospital. Compassion is needed to do your job well because it makes a difference if your patients know that someone cares about their well being. Estimated Yearly Salary:$75,000

#4. Lawyer

You defend the defenseless. Your client relies on you to make a strong case, so they can be found innocent of a crime they didn’t commit. Your voice can make a difference in your client’s life. With your knowledge of your client’s situation, you could be responsible for getting your innocent client back to their normal life. Estimated Yearly Salary: $113,000

#3. Dentist

A healthy mouth is your responsibility. You create happy, healthy smiles for people who have struggled a long time with a difficult mouth. Through cleanings, braces, and implants, your patients will have a full mouth of teeth that will sparkle and shine. You make smiles happen. Estimated Yearly Salary: $123,000

#2. Psychiatrist

You are physician that diagnoses and treats mental disorders. First you assess your patients in order to find out more about their medical history. Psychotherapy along with medicine is then given to the patient. Medicine is prescribed to your patients in order to make them feel better and manage their disorder. Estimated Yearly Salary: $178,000

#1. Doctor

You diagnose, treat, and hopefully save the people who come into your hospital day in and day out. It’s not an easy job with every horrific situation you see, but you handle it with strength and courage. Not every situation ends with a happy ending but for those people you do save, its worth going to work everyday. Being a doctor can be a very rewarding job. Estimated Yearly Salary: $350,000


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