15 Tallest Skyscrapers in the World

Abigail Locke April 10th 2015 Tech
There are some HUGE skyscrapers out there--if all you know is the Empire State Building, you're missing out!

#15 Rouen Cathedral

In Northwestern France, this beautiful Roman Catholic Gothic cathedral took six hundred years to complete and made it to the height of 151 meters.

#14 Cologne Cathedral

This popular attraction in Germany also contains inspiring gothic elements, and it reaches the height of 157 meters.

#13 Ulm Minster

Located in Ulm, Germany, this Lutheran church is still known as the tallest church in the world today. It's 161.5 meters tall and took 500 years to complete.

#12 Philadelphia City Hall

This house of government is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is 167 meters tall.

#11 Singer Building

A 47 story office building completed for the purpose of being the headquarters of the Singer Manufacturing Company, it is 186.57 meters tall.

#10 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower

Located in Manhattan, New York City and currently being converted into a hotel, this landmark skyscraper is 213.36 meters.

#9 Woolworth Building

An early US skyscraper, this Broadway building reaches 241.4 meters

#8 40 Wall Street

Also known as the Bank of Manhattan Trust Building, it only held its title at world's tallest building for a month at 281 meters.

#7 Chrysler Building

Located in New York, this building stands at 319 meters.

#6 Empire State Building

The tallest building in the world for forty years, it stood at 380 meters, located in New York City.

#5 World Trade Center

The pair of buildings barely beat the Empire State Building at 417 meters in Lower Manhattan.

#4 Willis Tower

Commonly referred to as the Sears Tower, it stood at 442 meters in Chicago, Illinois.

#3 Petronas Towers

Towering at 451 meters in Malaysia, this was the tower height world record breaker until 2004.

#2 Taipei 101

The Taipei World Financier center, renamed as Taipei 101, is in Taiwan at 509.2 meters.

#1 Burj Khalifa

The tallest man-made structure at the world stands at 829.8 meters in Dubai.


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