Top 20 Travel Destinations For A Romantic Honeymoon

Cheryl Brite April 6th 2015 Lifestyle
The wedding is over, and it’s time for the honeymoon. So where is the best place to celebrate your love? Is it somewhere warm like the beach or somewhere cold like a cozy, mountain lodge. Well wherever you choose to go, just make sure you’re both happy and having the time of your lives as a newlywed couple. After some extensive research, we have listed out the most beautiful places to have a honeymoon. #19 is absolutely gorgeous!

#1. Santorini, Greece

Their romantic hotels will keep you cuddled up to your spouse for days. If you think that is romantic, the sunset from your hotel room will make you hold each other close. Enjoy rich Greek food together as you lay out on the beach, your feet becoming one with the red and black sand. Don’t forget to visit the island’s finest wineries and toast to the start of your new lives together.

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