20 Shocking Pics of Celebrities Without Makeup

Charlie Blacks II April 3rd 2015 Entertainment
Society holds celebrities to a higher standard of beauty when it comes to appearance. These people are expected to be on top their game at all times and to never make a mistake publicly. Is this fair? No, not all. Will we make fun of them if they make a mistake or when we catch them out not looking like A-list material? Of course we will, this is the internet, it's ruthless on these e-streets. So here they are: 20 of your favorite celebrities without makeup. #20 is absolutely SHOCKING!

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt was born in the bloodbath city Waco, Texas from a pathologist and a medical technician. Her rise to fame began in commercials, to her stint on the Disney Channel, finally breaking through with the major motion picture "I Know What You Did Last Summer".

The paps obviously caught the young lady on an off day as she went out for ice cream. We just want to ask her… Jennifer when’s the last time you got full eight hours of sleep? The look on the left definitely reflects how hard the starlet works and just how necessary that ice cream was for her enjoyment. Jennifer please get some sleep and hopefully the paparazzi catches you on a better 'au naturel' day.

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