Top 25 Botched Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Charlie Blacks II March 10th 2015 Entertainment
Celebrities seem to have a hard time dealing with public criticisms of their natural appearance so they decide to go under the knife for a little altering. When it comes to cosmetic procedures we've some success stories and some that didn't go so well. Here's a list of celebrities that might want to make you think twice before you make that doctor's appointment to lipo your chubby eyelids. #24 is SHOCKING!

1. Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham was introduced to the world on MTV's rather disgusting 16 & Pregnant. She was later cast on several reality tv shows including Teen Mom and VH1's Couple's Therapy. If her hunger for attention wasn't enough, she leaked her own not so entertaining sextape. If you think that takes the cake you should see her face nowadays.

Farrah is or we mean WAS a rather attractive girl at one point but decided she needed some facial procedures done in order to increase self-confidence and beauty. You would think someone who released their own sextape wouldn't so be self conscious, right? Well by the looks of Farrah's lip it looks like she had a bad reaction to some gas station sushi or had a not so good run in with Iron Mike Tyson. She wanted attention right? I guess she got what she wanted.

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