Nicki Minaj Releases Epic Diss Track On Cardi B

Harriet King September 8th 2017 Entertainment
If you even vaguely follow the careers of these two feisty ladies, you'd definitely expect them to be friends, right? Both women are successful rappers, very outspoken, and unafraid to flaunt their sexuality. Seems like they have a lot in common. Or maybe that's precisely what Nicki Minaj's beef with Cardi B is all about. Her latest hit is making waves, and speculation is rife that it's a diss track intended to start war with Cardi.

The Controversial New Hit

The song that everyone is talking about is called 'No Flag' by London On Da Track, featuring Nicki Minaj, Offset, and 21 Savage. As soon as fans heard Nicki's verse, there was immediate speculation that she was sending an obvious message to fellow rapper, Cardi B. It's no secret Nicki likes to be number one, so it's possible she was trying to bring Cardi down a notch.

The Lyrics That Shocked

The lyrics to 'No Flag' had the rumor mills buzzing as soon as the song hit the airwaves. Nicki can be heard rapping: "I heard these labels are trying to make another me / Everything you're getting little hoe is because of me." Expert opinion is that it has to be about Cardi B - she has even been accused of copying Nicki's style before.

But Cardi's Boyfriend Is In The Song

Weirdly, Offset, who is Cardi B's rapper boyfriend, is also featured on the song. Surely, he wouldn't condone such a diss directed at his girlfriend? People are asking why he would feature on a song if Nicki really did write the lyrics about Cardi, leading others to suggest that he didn't know about it when the song was recorded.

But Wait. Did Cardi Diss Nicki First?

It seems like Cardi B had some choice words for Nicki while she was on stage, too. Calling out an unnamed woman during her set, she yelled through the microphone, "You know this b*tch she never f*cking liked me, and all of a sudden she want to be friends with me - no, b*tch, I still don't like you b*tch." A little harsh!

Where It All Began

Prior to Cardi's on-stage rant, it seems Nicki may have provoked her well before that. It all goes back to a one-minute Instagram clip that Cardi posted of herself freestyle rapping. Labeled as terrible, even by some of Cardi B's fan base, it seems Nicki also felt the same way, and there was a social media diss to prove it...

She Did What?

Many feathers were ruffled when Nicki appeared to be getting in on the panning of Cardi B's freestyle rapping. On Instagram, she liked a comment that read "dumb ass bars," sending a clear message of what she thought of the clip. It's no wonder Cardi keeps mentioning a rapper who is throwing shade. It could definitely be Nicki!

Maybe People Just Love A Little Drama

While some are 100 percent convinced there is a good old-fashioned rap feud going on, others are insisting people will simply create something out of nothing for the love of drama. "Y'all are trying to make Nicki's No Flags verse about Cardi specifically, and it's really not. Stop reaching please," wrote one Twitter user. Could it be all in our Heads?

Nicki Denies Everything

Nicki seems to agree with the 'it's not a thing' crowd and eventually bowed to pressure to address the accusations that it's a diss. "It sure ain't," she Tweeted, "Wrote this one a cpl months ago too #noflag." But those who know Nicki know that she loves a good feud, so they're wondering if she could be backtracking now.

Cardi Isn't Taking It Hard

If you thought Cardi B would be bothered by an alleged diss, you can think again! Whether or not it was intended for her, Cardi pretty much summed up how she felt by Tweeting out a line from her hit song, 'Bodak Yellow.' "I don't bother with these hoes, don't let these hoes BOTHER Me!" If that doesn't say it clear enough, we don't know what does.

A Show Of Support

Seems like both women are keen to show support for one another, further proving that there may not be a feud after all. When Cardi Tweeted out Nicki Minaj lyrics, Nicki responded: "I see no lies when Bardi quotes Barbie #WinAgain ~ all dat reaching you gon fuk around & pull a muscle...#BarbieTingz." They sure told us!

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