25 Most Expensive Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings

Charlie Blacks II March 27th 2015 Entertainment
Celebrities seem to have a hard time dealing with public criticisms of their natural appearance so some of them decide to go under the knife for a little altering. When it comes to cosmetic procedures we’ve seen some success stories and some that didn’t go so well. A lot of these celebs thought that their procedures would boost their confidence and make them happier overall… well boy did that backfire. They are now the butt of everyone's jokes. Some wanting to reserve their youth now look they constantly just saw a ghost, others wanting full lips now look like a pet store goldfish. Here’s a list of celebrities that might make you want to think twice before you make that doctor’s appointment to lipo your chubby eyelids. #25 is INSANELY expensive!

1. Kim Kardashian West - $8 Million

Looks like the Kim Kardashian finally lucked up and found a quality relationship with rap superstar, Kanye West. Over the years Kanye quietly crushed on the reality star and when the star finally had a chance to make a move, he made it his reality. Just like everything else Kanye does he had to make his proposal a spectacle. The hip-hop frontman proposed on field in elaborate fashion at the AT&T in San Francisco in October of 2013. Kanye knelt down on one knee with a 15-carat cushion-cut diamond ring. Supposedly Kanye worked very closely with multiple jewelers to design the ring himself. The huge rock is rumored to be worth 8 million dollars. The couple later married in Florence, Italy and have been happy ever since. The couple have a daughter together, North West, and are expecting another by the end of this year.

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