Futuristic Architecture: 15 Pictures of What our Homes Will Look Like in 10 Years

TonyTwoGuns March 27th 2015 Tech
Get a little taste of our future. These homes are extraordinary and breathtaking. The following pictures are engineering masterpieces, which have been perfectly developed from blueprints. The awesome design, which are commercial and residential, will blow your mind. Prepare to be stunned, by the 15 coolest pictures of futuristic architecture.

#1 Dizzy Architecture

This home looks like it is moving with the wind.

#2 Komb House

This house is amazing and unrealistic, in the utmost sense.

#3 The Orchid House

This quaint little home is located in Cotswold, England. Swimming and fishing is only a step away.

# 4 Seoul Commune

Get lost in the future. The details are extraordinary.

#5 Rotating Tower

This building looks like a Jenga game. Touch it and it will simply fall to the ground.

#6 EDITT Tower

Amazing how they incorporated the garden and greenery into the architecture.

#7 The Zero House

This is a vacation home that looks like it could easily spin.

#8 Coral Reef Village

It is difficult to explain or describe this amazing creation.

#9 Dome House

This home looks like a marshmallow pie or a shell or a mushroom. You pick?

#10 Aqua Liana

This is an environmental friendly home that fits perfect into the Palm Beach scenery.

#11 Colossal Eco House

This is definitely the future and hopefully our homes will have this distinguished architecture incorporated into it.

#12 Millionaire's Home

This looks like a crop circle home.

#13 Eco Dome Home

This home looks like a Eskimo's igloo, but it is constructed out of brick instead.

#14 Peaceful Living

It most likely would not be an expensive living arrangement.

#15 XSEED 4000

Leave it to the Japanese to amaze.


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