Watch What Happens When This Tiger Notices This Pregnant Mom's Belly

Jay Dawson August 30th 2017 Entertainment
Living in our concrete jungles, as most of us do these days, we rarely get that much contact with wild animals. We've long forgotten the times when we were still apes, living in harmony with the other creatures of the world. But the animals, it seems, haven't forgotten their ancient connection with us. As wild and strange as they are, they recognize that we are still linked. And this rare and touching movement only proves it, as you will see in the video at the end of this slideshow.

A Trip To The Zoo

27 weeks pregnant, Natasha Handshoe decided she need a little "me" time. She rounded up her friends and took off to Indiana's Potawatomi Zoo, where they spent the day fascinated by the al the weird and wonderful exhibits. But there was one enclosure in particular that caught Natasha's eye: the Sumatran tigers.

Snapping The Tiger

With only a glass wall separating Natasha from the huge enclosure, her and her friends could see almost everything. So when a female tiger came up to the viewing window, she was so close she could almost touch it. Natasha was thrilled to see a tiger so incredibly near, so she sat down and took a selfie with it. That's when something totally unexpected happened...

An Unexpected Reaction

As Natasha took the photo, the tiger began to paw and scratch at the glass wall. At first, she was apprehensive. How secure were these things, anyway? Could they hold up to a 300-pound furious tiger mama? But soon she realized that the tiger was not being aggressive. No, it was actually asking her for something...

Potawatomi Zoo

Whether you love them or think that they're cruel, zoos do have an important role to play in the relations between humans and animals. Potawatomi Zoo is an excellent example of a zoo doing it right. Enclosure conditions and the welfare of the animals have come a long way since it was founded in 1902, and nowadays the exhibits very closely match the natural environments of the creatures.


What does this mean? First and foremost, both children and adults alike can get really educated and passionate by seeing the animals in this way. It's an opportunity for humans to feel a connection to animals, many of them rescued or endangered, and maybe in the future work for their protection too. In some long-dormant prehistoric way, we all subconsciously crave these connections with the wild.

The Animals Of Indiana

In the oldest and most prestigious zoo in Indiana, there are spectacular opportunities to do just that. Their extensive collection of animals includes North American river otters, Amur leopards, and two rare okapis (relatives of the giraffe), to name but a few exotic species. With 200,000 visitors flowing through the turnstiles annually, the zoo even has further plans to expand.

Tiger Instincts

Currently, though, their centerpiece is the without a doubt the Sumatran tigers. Tigers are a fascinating species. Although highly solitary - one adult male may claim up to 40 square miles of territory - they are, in other ways, a lot like humans. They feed together, raise their cubs lovingly, and totally sleep around. They also have finely-honed instincts...

What She Did Next

Although Natasha didn't exactly know what this tigress was up to, her friends did have a suspicion. One of them told her that it wasn't actually trying to kill her, but was just reaching out to her pregnant belly. So Natasha decided to press her 27-week-old belly up to the glass. And what happened next blew everyone away.

How The Tiger Reacted

As Natasha's friend filmed the entire scene, the tiger stopped pawing the glass and instead lifted her head to it, nuzzling the spot where Natasha's belly was pressed against. Somehow, the tiger actually knew she was pregnant, and she was helping out with the prenatal care. It was a tender connection, a moment that Natasha will never forget.

The Video: A Moment She'll Be Able To Share

And thanks to her quick-thinking friend (although who doesn't have their finger on their smartphone camera these days, really), this is a moment that her unborn child will also be able to cherish forever. Considering how viral this video went, her child might actually be the youngest celebrity of all time - a star before it was even born.


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