The Shocking Detail Everyone Missed In The Latest Game Of Thrones Episode

Jay Dawson August 22nd 2017 Entertainment
It's hard to believe that one of the most famous, most successful TV series of all time started a whole seven years ago. Doesn't seem right, does it? Time flies when you're completely addicted, and Game of Thrones is certainly proof of that. We've been glued to our television and computer screens since it aired, following the incredible journey every step of the way. But how hard have you been following it? Did you notice this insane tiny detail from the latest episode that could change everything? Watch the video at the end of this slideshow to see this tiny little detail.

The Rollercoaster Ride

There's been red weddings and crossbows to the heart, sex and plenty of wine, and more major characters killed off than we ever thought possible. Yep, over the last seven seasons, Game of Thrones has truly been a rollercoaster ride. And the best thing about it? We never know where it's going to take us next. There's always one more trick up its sleeve...

This Season

The shorter seventh season has especially been packed full of twists and turns and incredible battles. As the series boils down to a handful of major players, there's been less room for slaughter but plenty of room left for intrigue. As the race for the Iron Throne gets more and more frantic, the stakes have been upped to almost unbearable levels...

The Finer Details

Whether it's in the thousands of pages of the books or in the TV series, no-one can deny that the lore and details behind every action and event is staggering. George R. R. Martin is renowned for his intricate plotting, and his invisible hand is also behind the events of the series. There's plenty for the casual viewer, of course, but the more hardcore are rewarded with dozens of subtle tells and premonitions. Like in the latest episode.

Battle Of The Frozen Lake

As the ragtag Magnificent Seven, led by Jon Snow, and their Red Shirt helpers move north beyond the wall to capture a Wight this episode, they find themselves thrown into a losing battle with the Night Walkers. It's an incredible battle (although a pretty stupid plan, if you ask us), especially when Daenerys turns up with her three dragons to turn the tide. But not everything goes so well...

Jon Snow

In a fit of madness, or an attempt to kill the Night King, or both, King of the North Jon Snow battles his way away from his rescue dragon before being overwhelmed by Night Walkers and plunging into a hole in the frozen lake. Daenerys leaves with the survivors, convinced that he's dead. But when he emerges, this happens...

Did You Miss It?

In a just a few frames as Jon struggles his way out of the freezing pool, the camera lingers on the pommel of his sword, "Long Claw". Most viewers will have missed it, but at that exact moment, for a split second, we see the wolf's-head pommel open its eyes. As if it's finally awoken. There's no dramatic highlighting of this fact, but it's clear what it might mean... Watch the video at the end of this slideshow to see wolf-head pommel open its eyes.


Where this series is heading has been shrouded in mystery from the very beginning, but most theories revolve around the prophecy of Azor Ahai. It's only hinted at in the show, but this legendary warrior is part of the great mythos of the Lord of Light, reborn into the world to "wake dragons from stone" and "defeat the darkness". Many believe that this warrior is Jon Snow...


But what about his sword, "Long Claw"? Well, the prophecies also tell of Lightbringer, an unbelievably powerful sword forged thousands of years ago with a loving wife's heart, and reforged to serve the coming war and its greatest hero. The wolf opening its eyes could be the final piece of the puzzle - the proof that this Lightbringer has now been activated.

A Sacrifice

It may too, explain the sacrifice that is required to unleash its true power. In Qarth, a fortune teller told Daenerys that she would experience three betrayals: of money, of blood, and of love. Two have already occurred - blood when Khal Drogo failed to be brought back to life, money when Dany was sold out by Jorah - and the third is yet to come. Could it be at the hands of Jon and Lightbringer?

Video: Expect The Unexpected

If there's anything we've learnt from Game of Thrones, it's that even the best theories can crumble to dust in the unpredictable nature of the plotting. With twist after twist, anything is possible in the show. All that we can expect these days is that something unexpected happening. Oh, and Cersei's totally going to get murdered. Here is the video of sword opening it's eyes:


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