Here's Why Hollywood Won't Cast The Actor Who Played McLovin From SuperBad

Harriet King August 19th 2017 Entertainment
When it comes to Hollywood blockbusters, Christopher Mintz Plasses, the guy who played McLovin in Superbad, is somewhat of a one-hit wonder. After nailing the role, it's weird that he seems to have disappeared into thin air. So, what is the real reason for his absence in Hollywood? Has he been typecast? Is he done with acting for good? Did he piss off some important film directors? The real reason will probably surprise you!

A Role We'll Never Forget

There couldn't have been a more perfect actor to play McLovin than Christopher Mintz-Plasses. He absolutely nailed the role and in doing so earned a permanent place in our hearts and minds. McLovin, his Pinocchio vest, and that fake ID will truly never be forgotten. It's just a shame that re-runs of Superbad are the only way we can see Mintz-Plasses in action.

Long Live McLovin

Superbad came out in 2007 and people are STILL talking about McLovin. Though a whole 10 years have passed, more people call the actor McLovin than they do his real name. We can't figure out if this would be annoying, flattering, or terribly boring for Christopher Mintz-Plasses, but we know we'd probably call him McLovin if we saw him in the street!

Why Haven't We Seen Christopher Mintz-Plasses again?

According to sources, Mintz-Plasses is a quiet guy who likes to keep things low key. But we doubt that's the reason why he has vanished from Hollywood. His high-profile Superbad co-stars, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, have gone on to star in countless films since the 2007 blockbuster. So why has good old McLovin been left out in the cold?

The Dreaded Typecast

It's quite possible that Mintz-Plasses embodied McLovin to the point where no one could see him as anyone else, which could have prevented him from scoring acting gigs. This is something that tends to plague actors from long-running TV shows, but it can also happen if you play a part really well. For example, it seems Hugh Grant never gets cast as anything but the bumbling British romantic lead.

His Behind The Scenes Gigs

Being the low-profile kind of guy he is, it might be that Mintz-Plasses prefers not appearing on the big screen. It's not that he doesn't work at all, it's just that he's not always visible. For example, he has voiced main characters in the animated films, How To Train Your Dragon and Trolls. He was probably that voice you recognized but couldn't quite place.

Dog Lovin

Or maybe McLovin is just too busy hanging out with his dogs to care about movie roles! That's right, just when you couldn't find him any more endearing, you find out he's a serious dog lover. In fact, if you trawl his social media, the vast majority of his photos are snaps of him with his own dogs, or simply the nearest dog in general. McLovin doesn't discriminate!

He Prefers A Quiet Life

Despite getting into acting, Mintz-Plasses claims he's not a red-carpet kind of guy. He loves his alone time and simply chilling out with his dogs. When he does get to work on high-profile gigs, he's happy to do it without all the fanfare and attention. He likes just getting on with the job, which is something we can all relate to.

Is Music The Real Reason He's Not In Hollywood?

Most people don't know that Mintz-Plasses is into music. Not just as a hobby, either. He has cited music as one of the main reasons he hasn't turned up to many auditions these days. He plays both guitar and drums and spends most of his time practicing with his band. Who would have thought McLovin had all of these talents up his sleeve!

He Has Been In 2 Bands

Mintz-Plasses was in a band named The Young Rapscallions, which started to get pretty big and was one of the main reasons he toned down the acting work. When the Rapscallions eventually started to fizzle, he started a new band named Bear On Fire, which also included some members from the previous band. Now he says he'd love to balance both music and acting.

McLovin Wasn't His Only Role

It's not quite true that McLovin was Mintz-Plasses's one and only role. He has appeared in a number of films, but we guess McLovin just shines so bright we didn't even notice. He starred as a villain in the superhero movie, Kick Ass. And he even turned to TV for a while there, starring in a show that didn't make it past 8 episodes. You just can't beat McLovin, we say!


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