10 Hilarious Disappointments From People Who Failed To Nail It

Jay Dawson August 18th 2017 Humor
Advertising and Instagram have got a lot to answer for these days. With all those filters and bold photo editing (i.e., lying), what we expect from our food, scenery, and products is generally pretty far from the reality. And when we try to emulate these amazing sights, there's so much potential for disaster. Very, very funny disaster. These have got to be some of the best disappointments we've seen...

Grass Head

When you're a kid, almost no craft project you ever start turns out quite right. Blame the small hands, uncoordination, and useless safety scissors. Now that you're an adult, though, you should be able to dominate all that old dumb stuff that kids try to make. Right? ...right? Nope, turns out you're still just as bad as when you were a four-year-old.

Leopard Eyes

To be fair, in the age of ruthless smartphone autocorrect this mistake's all too easy to make these days. You've got a party coming up on Saturday night and you just know that that boy you like will be going as an antelope. "MAKE ME INTO A BEAUTIFUL LEOPARD" you text to your friend, without looking. "NOW." Then on Saturday night, that boy runs away from you in terror. "Sorry," your friend says. "Your text said leper."

Tiny Alien

There's something so comically pathetic about this one, you almost feel sorrier for the alien than the guy who excitedly blew him up. Look at his tiny little head. This green guy was so looking forward to having the perfect jelly baby figure, but no matter how much he worked out, all he became was an olive with a nipple on it.

Baby Photo

Anne Geddes has got a lot to answer for, that saccharine witch. With all her oh-so-cute calendars and baby-in-a-watering-can prints, a whole other generation of children have grown up horrifically scarred. We've got the statistics right here: thanks to Anne, more than one million innocent children have been forced against their will to pose naked in harvest vegetables. Like this one.


The signs that this pizza wouldn't be so good were there for the beginning. Sure, they definitely didn't say that the pizza would come covered in an entire prairie's worth of lawn clippings. But if look real carefully, you might notice that that fork is picking up AN ENTIRE SLICE of pizza. Which says a lot about the intimate relation between this pizza and a sheet of cardboard.

Romantic Bath

If there's anything TV shows and advertising has taught us, it's that women need to have some romantic "me time" every now and again. The problem is that it's much harder to get a luxury bath running than it first looks. Want to know what happens when you put a bunch of flowers in a tub of water? No, they don't float there all cute. They just get soggy.

Dog In Bed

Having a warm, caring creature in your bed seems like a great idea, but the truth is far from comfortable. They fart, they hog the blankets, they wake you up early to play, and they leave hair everywhere. Enough about men, though - what about a cute dog? Well, if this picture is anything to go by, it looks like they're just as bad.

Breakfast Owl

Cooking fails have got to be our favorite kind of expectation-vs-reality fails. When will people realize all the arranging and photoshopping that goes into food photography? Unless you're a Michelin-hatted chef, there's absolutely no way you're going to be able to plate up just like they do in the recipe books. You'll be lucky if it even tastes as good as the description.

Ball Pit

You can just imagine the sad, accusing eyes of the child when this falsely advertised monstrosity set up. It'd be like giving your kid a bible for Christmas but wrapping it up to look like a Nintendo Switch. Just imagine the child as he sits in this "ball pit", trying to have fun with the included half-dozen balls but weeping inconsolably instead.


And finally, another entry in our favorite category: cooking fails. To be honest, it really doesn't look like they tried at all with this hedgehog. How hard could it be to recreate? There's only one way to find out, and that's to make our own. Wait for it... no, that's not right... what are we supposed to do with this... jeez, give us a few more seconds here... okay, it really is as hard as it looks.


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