10 Hilarious Disappointments From People Who Failed To Nail It

Jay Dawson August 18th 2017 Humor
Advertising and Instagram have got a lot to answer for these days. With all those filters and bold photo editing (i.e., lying), what we expect from our food, scenery, and products is generally pretty far from the reality. And when we try to emulate these amazing sights, there's so much potential for disaster. Very, very funny disaster. These have got to be some of the best disappointments we've seen...

Grass Head

When you're a kid, almost no craft project you ever start turns out quite right. Blame the small hands, uncoordination, and useless safety scissors. Now that you're an adult, though, you should be able to dominate all that old dumb stuff that kids try to make. Right? ...right? Nope, turns out you're still just as bad as when you were a four-year-old.

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