Eating Too Much Sugar? Your Body Will Scream These Symptoms At You

Kylie Perry August 11th 2017 Lifestyle
Sugar is an ingredient that is hard to avoid, even in the most popular health foods. Excessive consumption of added sugar can sabotage an individual's otherwise healthy lifestyle, and it can even lead to weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease. Sugar can wreak havoc on your health, and it can affect every part of your body. If you experience these symptoms it may be directly caused by your sugar consumption-time to cut back on the sweet stuff!

Brain Fog-Especially After Meals

Eating a lot of sugary foods and beverages can have your blood sugar all over the place. This can lead to cognitive issues and the inability to get things done-whether around the house or at work. The next symptom will have you rethinking that mid-afternoon snack binge completely!

Moodiness Can Mean Too Much Sugar

Sugar is well known for its negative impact on your physical health, but your mental health can also take a huge toll from too much sweet stuff in your diet. Blood sugar crashes can cause you to become irritable, and cutting back on your sugar intake may help you prevent mood swings!

A Growing Waistline And Excessive Weight Gain

Sugar is known to send your blood pressure skyrocketing, which can greatly affect your figure. A diet high in sugar can lead to obesity and diabetes, making it especially dangerous in excess. Cut back on sugar and watch the pounds fly off. The following slide will have you raiding the kitchen often for anything sweet!

Your Cravings Have Become Uncontrollable

It's no secret that sugar is a pretty addictive substance. Consuming sugar provides your body with a temporary jolt of energy and then an inevitable crash, which can have you constantly searching for your next sugary snack. If your cravings for sweets are controlling your diet, it's time to limit sugar-filled foods!

Feelings Of Anxiety May Intensify

Indulging in sugary foods is thought to bring comfort, but eating sweets in excess can cause your symptoms of anxiety to worsen. Drastic changes in blood pressure when you eat sugar can further disrupt your mental health. Your next visit to the dentist may be more than what you bargained for-be wary of the next symptom!

Increase In Cavities

Sugar can speed up the decay of your teeth drastically. Bacteria present in your mouth consume the sugar that you eat, and then these bacteria produce a substance that adds to tooth decay. Cutting down on sugar consumption can protect the health of your mouth, and make your next visit to the dentist less painful!

Your Energy Levels Are Extremely Low

Although sugar can provide a temporary high, regular sugar consumption can disrupt a person's blood sugar levels. Unstable blood sugar can cause you to feel tired and you may lack the energy needed to perform your daily tasks and activities. The following symptom will leave you unable to concentrate, no matter what!

Losing The Ability To Focus

Eating large quantities of sugar sends your blood pressure on a constant roller coaster ride. If your blood sugar is always going haywire, it leaves you struggling to concentrate. Time to cut back on the sugar if you can't concentrate at work or at home! Sugar may be to blame for your blemishes in the next slide.

Your Skin Seems To Be Acting Up

Excessive sugar consumption can lead to a sudden rise of insulin in the body, which can drastically impact your skin's surface. Redness, rosacea, acne flare ups may be due to a diet high in sugar, and cutting back on sweets can help your skin heal. Reduce sugar consumption if you seem to be breaking out!

Your Taste Buds Aren't Responding

Overloading on sugar will require you to consume larger amounts to get the same flavorful effect. Your tolerance for sugar will go up, forcing you to eat more to get your fill. Say no to that second cupcake or cookie to keep your blood sugar and taste buds in check!


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